P1 session

17th, Tuesday
1st session
Chairperson: S. Horvat
2:00-2:20Search for the SM Higgs Bosons at D0 Suyong Choi (SKKU)
2:20-2:40Inclusive SM Higgs search (ATLAS) Francesco Polci (LAL Orsay)
2:40-3:00Inclusive Search for the SM Higgs Boson in the H -> gamma gamma channel at the LHC Serguei Ganjour (CEA/Saclay)
3:00-3:25Search for the SM Higgs Boson in the H -> ZZ* and WW* at the LHC Sinjini Sengupta (UMN, CMS)
3:25-3:45Jet substructure as a new Higgs search channel at the LHC Gavin Salam (LPTHE, CNRS, Paris)
coffee break
2nd session
Chairperson: Suyong Choi
4:10-4:35Search for the MSSM Higgs Bosons at the LHC Giorgos Anagnostou (RWTH)
4:35-4:55Search for Charged Higgs Bosons at D0 Yvonne Peters (D0)
4:55-5:15Search for Charged Higgs in Top Quark Decays at CDF Geumbong Yu (U. Rochester)
5:15-5:35MSSM charged Higgs (ATLAS) Christopher Potter (McGill U.)
5:35-5:55The Charged MSSM Higgs boson at LHC and ILC: Experimental Resolution vs. Theory Predictions Sven Heinemeyer (IFCA, Santander)

19th, Thursday
1st session
Chairperson: M. Muhlleitner
2:00-2:20Search for the VBF Production of SM Higgs Boson at the LHC (CMS) Pietro Govoni (INFN Milano-Bicocca)
2:20-2:40Search for the SM Higgs boson in VBF production mode (ATLAS) Nunes Hanninger Guilherme (Bonn U.)
2:40-3:00Search for the SM Higgs Boson in associated production mode Huaqiao Zhang (IHEP)
3:00-3:203-loop corrections to the lightest Higgs boson mass in supersymmetry Luminita Mihaila (TTP Karlsruhe)
3:20-3:40Associated MSSM Higgs Production with Heavy Quarks: SUSY-QCD Corrections Michael Spira (Paul Scherrer Inst.)
coffee break
2nd session
Chairperson: J.S. Lee
4:10-4:30Search for MSSM neutral Higgs (ATLAS) Jana Schaarschmidt (Dresden)
4:30-4:50CP-violating Higgs at Tevatron Siba Prasad Das (PI, Bonn)
4:50-5:10Light Charged and CP-odd Higgses in MSSM-like Models at tan beta \simeq 1 Radovan Dermisek (IAS)
5:10-5:30Possible lepton universality breaking in Upsilon decays in the NMSSM Miguel Sanchis-Lozano (IFIC, U. Valencia)

20th, Friday
1st session
Chairperson: R. Dermisek
2:00-2:20Study of VV-scattering processes as a probe of electroweak symmetry breaking Pietro Govoni (Milano-Bicocca)
2:20-2:40Partially strong weak gauge boson scattering Cheng- Wei Chiang (NCU, Taiwan)
2:40-3:00Search for the BSM Higgs Bosons at D0 Ingo Torchiani (U. Freiburg)
3:00-3:20Azimuthal angle correlation in vector-boson fusion processes at LHC Kentarou Mawatari (KIAS)
3:20-3:40Higgs bosons of a supersymmetric U(1)' model Seung Woo Ham (KAIST)

P2 session

17th, Tuesday
1st A session
Chairperson: Michael Spira
2:00-2:30Flavor Data Constraints on the SUSY Parameter Space (6MB)Nazila Mahmoudi (Uppsala)
2:30-2:50Constraining SUSY with Precision Observables: Going Beyond the CMSSM Sven Heinemeyer (IFCA)
2:50-3:10Hadronic Production of Colored SUSY Particles with Electroweak NLO Contributions Maike Trenkel (MPI, Munich)
3:10-3:30Squark Anti-Squark Pair Production at the LHC: the Electroweak Contribution Edorado Mirabella (MPI, Munich)
3:30-3:50Using Dimensional Reduction for Hadronic Collisions Dominik Stockinger (Dresden)
1st B session
Chairperson: Csaba Balazs
2:00-2:20Measurement of Dark Matter Relic Density in the mSUGRA Co-Annihilation Region at the LHC (7MB)Teruki Kamon (Texas A&M)
2:20-2:40Collider Signals and Neutralino Dark Matter Detection in Relic-Density-Consistent Models without Universality Eun-Kyung Park (Bonn)
2:40-3:00Study of Drell-Yan Production of Superparticles in the Stau NLSP Scenario Ryuichiro Kitano (LANL)
3:00-3:20Determining the Mass for an Ultralight Gravitino at the LHC Satoshi Shirai (UT-HEP)
3:20-3:40mSUGRA Signals of Supercritical String Theory at the LHC (7MB)Teruki Kamon (Texas A&M)
coffee break
3rd session
Chairperson: Paul de Jong
4:10-4:30Opening up Gluino Searches at the Tevatron Jay Wacker (Stanford)
4:30-4:50Searches for Squarks and Gluinos at the Tevatron (CDF+D0) (8MB)Song Ming Wang (Academia Sinica, Taiwan)
4:50-5:10Summary of Stop/Sbottom Search (CDF+D0) Philippe Calfayan (LMU)
5:10-5:30Search for Supersymmetry in ppbar Collisions at root(s)=1.96 TeV Using the Trilepton Signature of Chargino-Neutralino Production (CDF+D0) Sourabh Dube (Rutgers)
5:30-5:50Summary of Searches for SUSY in Photonic States and Long Lived Particles (CDF+D0) Elemer Nagy (CPPM)
5:50-6:10HERA Searches for Leptoquarks and Other Signatures with Isolated High pt Leptons Stefan Schmitt (DESY)

19th, Thursday
1st session
Chairperson: M. Nojiri
2:00-2:30Transverse Mass for Pairs of Gluinos Yeong Gyun Kim (KAIST)
2:30-2:50Inclusive Transverse Mass Analysis for Squark and Gluino Mass DeterminationYasuhiro Shimizu (IPMU)
2:50-3:10What We Know from MET Signatures at the LHC? Partha Konar (florida)
3:10-3:30Non-Universal Gaugino and Scalar Masses: A Signal Based Analysis for the Large Hadron Collider Subhaditya Bhattacharya (HCRI)
coffee break
2nd sessionChairperson: Arnd Meyer
4:10-4:30Search Strategy and Discovery Potential at LHC (ATLAS+CMS) Christian Autermann (Hamburg)
4:30-4:50Data-Driven Estimations of Standard Model Backgrounds to SUSY Searches Federica Legger (MPI, Munich)
4:50-5:10Exclusive Studies and Determination of SUSY Parameters at LHC Peter Wienemann (Bonn)
5:10-5:30Searching for SUSY at ATLAS with Trileptons and Missing Transverse Momentum Tapas Sarangi (Wisconsin, Madison)
5:30-5:50Same-Sign Dimuons at the LHC (ATLAS+CMS) (4MB)Yuriy Pakhotin (Florida)

20th, Friday
1st session
Chairperson: S.Y. Choi
2:00-2:30Radiation of Extra-Jets in Inclusive SUSY Samples Simon de Visscher (UCL)
2:30-2:50SFitter: Reconstructing Supersymmetry Michael Rauch (Edinburgh)
2:50-3:10Parameter-Space Exploration of the MSSM: A Bayesian Approach to Particle Physics Phenomenology Shehu AbdusSalam (DAMTP)
3:00-3:20Running of Bottom-Yukawa Coupling in the MSSM Luminita Mihaila (Karlsruhe)
3:20-3:40Determining Heavy Mass Parameters in Supersymmetric SO(10) Models Frank Deppisch (Manchester)
coffee break
2nd session
Chairperson: Stefan Scopel
4:10-4:30Sneutrino LSPs in R-Parity Violating Minimal Supergravity Models Siba Prasad Das (Bonn)
4:30-4:50Lepton Number Violating mSUGRA and Neutrino Masses Steve Chun-Hay Kom (DAMTP)
4:50-5:10Signatures for Doubly Charged Higgsinos at Colliders Santosh Rai (Helsinki)
5:10-5:30CP violation in Chargino Production at the One Loop Level Krzysztof Rolbiecki (Warsaw)

P3 session

17th, Tuesday
1st session
Chairperson: Y. Y. Keum
2:00-2:20Charm Mixing and CP Vilation at BaBar Diego Milanes (IFIC, BaBar)
2:20-2:40New Physics Searches at BaBar Francesco Renga (U. di Roma La Sapienza)
2:40-3:00Direct CP violation on B->Kpi decays at Belle Yuuji Unno (Hanyang U.)
3:00-3:20CP asymmetry of B -> K \pi in SUSY models with non-universal A-terms Shaaban Khalil (British U. Egypt)
3:20-3:40Prospects of Super B factory at KEK Byung Gu Cheon (Hanyang U.)
coffee break
2nd session
Chairperson: R. Kitano
4:10-4:30Search for neutrino-less double beta decay with NEMO-3 Irina Nasteva (U. Manchester)
4:30-4:50Activities on double beta decay search experiments in Korea HongJoo Kim (KNU)
4:50-5:10Probing New Physics Scenarios with Neutrinoless Double Beta Decay Frank Deppisch (U. Machester)
5:10-5:30New Approach to Neutrino Mixings and CP ViolationsHong-Jian He (Tsinghua U.)
5:30-5:50LFV in semileptonic tau decays and muon-electron conversion in nuclei in SUSY-seesaw Maria Herrero (UAM)
5:50-6:10Dirac Neutrino Masses from Generalized Supersymmetry Breaking Lisa Everett (U. Wisconsin, Madison)

19th, Thursday
1st session
Chairperson: S. Khalil
2:00-2:30Discrepancy in the Unitarity Triangle fit from b <-> s transitions Marcella Bona (CERN)
2:30-2:50Measurement of Branching fraction in B->Xs gamma Jan Schuemann (KEK)
2:50-3:10SusyBSG: a code for B-> Xs gamma in the MSSM with Minimal Flavor Violation Pietro Slavich (CERN & LAPTH)
3:10-3:30A Reconsideration of b -> s gamma in the Minimal Flavor Violating Michael Wick (TUM)
3:30-3:50Phenomenology of models with non-universal sfermion masses (16MB)Kazuki Sakurai (Nagoya U)
coffee break
2nd session
Chairperson: S. Baek
4:10-4:30SUSY CP problem and spontaneous CP violation in SUSY GUT Sung-gi Kim (Nagoya U.)
4:30-4:50Bs mixing phase and lepton flavor violation in supersymmetric SU(5) Jae-hyeon Park (INFN Padova)
4:50-5:10Quark and lepton masses at the GUT scale including SUSY threshold corrections Stefan Autush (MPI Munich)
5:10-5:30Flavored Electric Dipole Moments in SUSY standard models (7MB)Minoru Nagai (KEK)
5:30-5:55Testing lepton universality and the flavor structure of the SM with Kl2 decays and K+ -> pi+ nu numbar decays Fabio Ambrosino (U. Napoli and INFN)

20th, Friday
1st session
Chairperson: J.H. Park
2:00-2:20SUSY parameter space of family symmetries Liliana Velasco-Sevilla (Abdus Salam ICTP)
2:20-2:40Lepton Flavour Violation and electron EDM in a non-abelian SUSY flavour model Lorenzo Calibbi (SISSA/ISAS)
2:40-3:00A new, direct link between the baryon asymmetry and neutrino masses Michele Frigerio (IPhT, CEA/Saclay)
3:00-3:20Lepton flavour violation in the SUSY type II seesaw mechanism (6MB)Filipe Joaquim (UAM &IFT, Madrid)
3:20-3:40Supersymmetric Higgs Singlet Effects on FCNC Observables Robert Hodgkinson (U. Manchester)
coffee break
2nd session
Chairperson: F. Borzumati
4:10-4:40The muon g-2 and the bounds on the Higgs boson mass Massimo Passera (INFN Padova)
4:40-5:00The MSSM confronts the precision electroweak data and the muon g-2 Daisuke Nomura (KEK)
5:20-5:40Tri-bimaximal Generation Mixing from Cascades Ryo Takahashi (Osaka U.)
5:50-6:10Neutrino masses in supersymmetric $SU(3)C \otimes SU(3)L \otimes U(1)X$ models Jairo Alexis Rodriguez (U. National de Colombia)
5:40-6:00Flavor identification of astronomical high energy neutrinos and the accuracy of mixing angles Kim Siyeon (Chung-Ang U.)


P4 session

17th, Tuesday
1st session
Chairperson : Lisa Everett
2:00-2:20New Scenarios for Supersymmetric Phenomenology Eduardo Ponton (Columbia U.)
2:20-2:40U(1)_R mediation from the flux compactification in six dimensions Hyun Min Lee (Carnegie Mellon U.)
2:40-3:00Anomaly Mediation without negative sleptons and Radius Stabilization by Constant Boundary Superpotentials in a Warped Space Nobuhito Maru (Kobe U.)
3:00-3:20Constraints of the $B_{\mu}/\mu$ solution due to the hidden sector Haeyoung Cho (SNU)
3:20-3:40Radiative B-L symmetry breaking and the Z' mediated SUSY breaking Takayuki Kubo (KEK)
coffee break
2nd session
Chairperson: R. Rattazzi
4:10-4:30Non-perturbative moduli superpotential with positive exponents Tatsuo Kobayashi (Kyoto U.)
4:30-4:50Orbifold SUSY GUT from the Heterotic String Bumseok Kyae (KIAS)
4:50-5:10Sequestering in models of F-term uplifting Horoyuki Abe (YITP)
5:10-5:30Moduli stabilization and flavor structure in 5D SUGRA with multi-moduli Yutaka Sakamura (RIKEN)
5:30-5:50UV Completion of Axion Kang Sin Choi

19th, Thursday
1st A session
Chairperson: T. Kobayashi
2:00-2:20Doubly Lopsided Models from SUSY SU(N) Stephen Barr (U. Delaware)
2:20-2:40Observing dynamical SUSY breaking with lattice simulation Issaku Kanamori (RIKEN)
2:40-3:00Lattice Formulation of 2D SQCD with exact supersymmetry Fumihiko Sugino (OIQP)
3:00-3:20Monte Carlo studies of supersymmetric matrix quantum mechanics Shingo Takeuchi (KEK)
3:20-3:40Grand unification and enhanced quantum gravitational effects Xavier Calmet (UCL)
1st B session
Chairperson: B.H. Lee
2:00-2:20Hyperkahler metrics and polar multiplets Masato Arai (CQUeST)
2:20-2:40Instanton Effective Action in Deformed Super Yang-Mills theories Hiroaki Nakajima (SKKU)
2:40-3:00N=1/2 SUSY in 2 dimensions Robert Purdy (U. Liverpool)
2:00-3:20Dynamics of Strings between Walls Takayuki Nagashima (Tokyo Inst. Tech.)
3:20-3:40E_7(7) on the Light Cone (7MB)Sung-Soo Kim (U. Florida)
coffee break
2nd session
Chairperson: HD Kim
4:10-4:30Metastable gauged O'Raifeartaigh Borut Bajc (Stefan Inst.)
4:30-4:50Spontaneous SUSY breaking with anomalous U(1) symmetry by meta-stable vacuum Hiroyuki Nishino (Nagoya U.)
4:50-5:10Deflected Mirage Mediation Ian-Woo Kim (U. Wisconsin-Madison)
5:10-5:30Axionic Mirage Mediation Shuntaro Nakamura (Tohoku U.)
5:30-5:50Moduli stabilization with matter uplifting in heterotic string theory Kwang Sik Jeong (KIAS)
5:50-6:10Metastable supersymmetry breaking vacua from conformal dynamics Yuji Omura (Kyoto U.)

20th, Friday
1st session
Chairperson: B.S. Kyae
2:00-2:20Holography of Non-relativistic String on AdS5xS5 Makoto Sakaguchi (OIQP)
2:20-2:40Apparent horizon in holographic dual of quark-gluon hydrodynamics Kin-ya Oda (Osaka U.)
2:40-3:00New superconformal field theories in (2+1)-dimension Sangmin Lee (SNU)
3:00-3:20Gluon scattering in N = 4 super Yang-Mills at finite temperature Koh Iwasaki (Titech)
3:20-3:40A nonperturbative definition of N=4 SYM by the plane wave matrix model Shinji Shimasaki (Osaka U.)
coffee break
2nd session
Chairperson: S. Trivedi
4:10-4:30M-theory on pp-waves with a holomorphic superpotential and its matrix description Nakwoo Kim (Kyung Hee U.)
4:30-4:50Constructing Non-Abelian Vortices with Arbitrary Simple Gauge Groups Toshiaki Fujimori (Titech)
4:50-5:10Meta-stable Supersymmetry breaking in an N=1 perturbed Seiberg-Witten Theory Shin Sasaki (U. Helsinki)
5:10-5:30N = 2 SUSY QED and nonlinear-linear SUSY relation Motomu Tsuda (Saitama Inst. Tech.)
5:30-5:50SQCD Vacua and Geometrical Engineering Ben Wetenhall (U. Liverpool)


P5 session

17th, Tuesday
1st session
Chairperson: A. Pilaftsis
2:00-2:20The Gravitino-Stau Scenario and BBN Joern Kersten (Abdus Salam ICTP)
2:20-2:40Electroweak Baryogenesis and Supergauge Interactions Bjorn Garbrecht (U. Wisconsin)
2:40-3:00Supergauge Interactions and Electroweak Baryogenesis Sean Tulin (Caltech)
3:00-3:20CP Violating Sources for Electroweak Baryogenesis Christopher Lee (UC Berkeley)
3:20-3:40Mixing Induced CP Violation for Electroweak Baryogenesis Yu-feng Zhou (KIAS)
coffee break
2nd session
Chairperson: A. Mazumdar
4:10-4:30E(6) Leptogenesis Rui Luo (Glasgow)
4:30-4:50Detecting Ultra-high Energy Neutralinos Sascha Bornhauser (U. Bonn)
4:50-5:10Gravitational wave background as a probe of reheating temperature of the Universe Kazunori Nakayama (ICRR, U. Tokyo)
5:10-5:30Curvature perturbation spectrum from false vacuum inflation Jinn-Ouk Gong (U. Wisconsin)
5:30-5:50Nflation: observable predictions from the random matrix mass spectrum Soo A Kim (Kyung Hee U.)

19th, Thursday
1st session
Chairperson: H.B. Kim
2:00-2:20Modulated Inflation Tomohiro Matsuda (SIT)
2:20-2:40Inflation by non-minimal coupling Seong Chan Park (SNU)
2:40-3:00The Flavour of Inflation Ivonne Zavala (CPT and IPPP, Durham U.)
3:00-3:20Testing inflaton at the LHCAnupam Mazumdar (Lancster & NBI)
3:20-3:40Non-Gaussianity from Symmetry Fuminobu Takahashi (IPMU)
coffee break
2nd session
Chairperson: S.K. Kim
4:10-4:40Search for Dark Matter with the XENON 100 Experiment (28MB)Elena Aprile (Columbia U.)
4:40-5:00Results from KIMS (13MB)Seongsook Myung (SNU)
5:00-5:20Improvement of the Determination of the WIMP Mass from Direct Dark Matter Detection Data Chung-Lin Shan (DMRC, SNU)
5:20-5:40Dark matter discovery in the CNMSSM Csaba Balazs (Monash U.)
5:40-6:00Relic density in SO(10) SUSY GUT models Jari Laamanen (TU Dortmund)

20th, Friday
1st session
Chairperson: A. Ibarra
2:00-2:30First Dark Matter Results from the CDMS 5-Tower Run and the path towards sigma=10^-45 cm^2 Wimp sensitivity Tarek Saab (UF)
2:30-2:50Non-thermal X-rays from dark matter annihilation Stefano Profumo (UC Santa Cruz)
2:50-3:10$511$ keV $\gamma$-ray emission from the galactic bulge by MeV milli-charged dark matter Jong-Chul Park (SNU)
3:10-3:30Light relic neutralinos in Dark Matter direct and indirect searches and at the Large Hadron Collider Stefano Scopel (KIAS)
3:30-3:50Singlet fermionic dark matter Seodong Shin (KAIST)
coffee break
2nd session
Chairperson: S. Profumo
4:10-4:30Dark Matter in Gauge Messenger Models Kyu Jung Bae (SNU)
4:30-4:50Neutralino Dark Matter in Light Higgs Boson Scenario Masaki Asano (ICRR)
4:50-5:10Lightest U-parity Particle (LUP) dark matter Hye-Sung Lee (U. Florida)
5:10-5:30Right-Handed Sneutrinos as Cold Dark Matter Frank Deppisch (U. Manchester)
5:30-5:50Dark matter candidates from strong coupled theories Christoforos Kouvaris (Niels Bohr Inst.)
5:50-6:10Update of axion CDM energy density Ji-Haeng Huh (SNU)

P6 session

17th, Tuesday
1st session
Chairperson : D.K. Hong
4:10-4:30Vector Boson Scattering at high mass (ATLAS) Adam Davison (UCL)
4:30-4:50Prospects for early discoveries in final states with dileptons, jets and no missing energy: LRSM and Lepto-Quarks (ATLAS) Chaouki Boulahouache (U. Pittsburgh)
4:50-5:10Search for ttbar Resonance in the Lepton+Jets Final State in ppbar Collisions at sqrt{s}=1.96TeV (D0) Thorsten Schliephake (D0)
5:10-5:30 Measurement of the Forward-Backward Charge Asymmetry in Top-Quark Pair Production in Proton-Antiproton Collisions at D0 Su-Jung Park (U. Goettingen)
5:30-5:50 Probing Anomalous Wtb Couplings with 1 fb-1 of D0 Data Frederique Badaud (LPC Clermont-Fd)
5:50-6:10Study of the top reconstruction in top-partner events at the LHC Michihsa Takeuchi (YITP,KEK)

19th, Thursday
1st session
Chairperson: Y. Hosotani
4:10-4:30 String Physics at the LHC Luis Anchordoqui (U. Wisconsin-Milwaukee)
4:30-4:50Graviton production with 2 jets at the LHC in Large Extra Dimensions Partha Konar (Florida U.)
4:50-5:10Custodial bulk Randal-Sundrum Model and B decay Jeonghyeon Song (Konkuk U.)
5:10-5:30Fermions and Gauge Bosons in SU(4)_L x U(1)_X models with little Higgs Soo-hyeon Nam (NCKU, Taiwan)
5:30-5:50T-parity in the Little Higgs Models David Krohn (princeton)
5:50-6:10Search for physics beyond SM at HERA Masahiro Kuze (Tokyo Inst. Tech.)

20th, Friday
1st session
Chairperson : J.H. Song
2:00-2:20Challenges in the detection of long lived particles: the Hidden Valley Scenario (ATLAS) Antonio Sidoti (Roma I)
2:20-2:40Searches in lepton only final states with ATLAS Samir Ferrag (Glasgow)
2:40-3:00Global Search for New Physics at CDF Si Xie (MIT)
3:00-3:20Search for non-standard SUSY signatures Daniel Teyssier (RWTH)
3:20-3:40Searches for New Physics (other than SUSY) at D0 Arnd Meyer (RWTH Aachen)
coffee break
2nd session
Chairperson : H.J. He
4:10-4:30Electroweak symmetry breaking and cold dark matter from hidden sector technicolor interaction Taeil Hur (KAIST)
4:30-4:50Searches for compositness, extra dimensions, leptoquarks and excited leptons in CMS Guinyun Kim (Kyungpook U.)
4:50-5:10One-Loop Effective Action in Orbifold Compactifications Gero von Gersdorff (CERN)
5:10-5:30Efficient and Precise Computation of Effective Actions in Radial Backgrounds in General Dimensions Hyunsoo Min (U. Seoul)
5:30-5:50EWSB with Unparticles Jong-Phil Lee (KIAS)
5:50-6:10The discovery reach for mini-black holes with the ATLAS Detector at the LHC James Frost (Cambridge)